Well, as I lay in bed with the sparing time that we do get to spend together I started expressing to Stephanie how I wish I could do more. Be more active, write more, and just do more of what I wanted really. She agreed and said she wanted to join me… As we laid in silence for a bit, I toggled through the ideas in my head as to what would be a common interest for us to do. Something that we can make sure we make time for and do so together. We came up with two different things, one from her and one from me.

Her: We should dedicate time every night to reading a few chapters of the word (bible). And discuss them afterwards with our thoughts towards it.

Me: I wanted to start this, a place where I can write (I used to write in my own blog for a few years) and meanwhile she can take pictures to add.

Anybody that knows Stephanie, KNOWS she lovessssss taking pictures. Anybody that knows me, knows that I enjoy writing/reading this could be a place where I can spend some time with Stephanie and do that.

The StoryOfUs is merely that, it’s posts that will connect our readers to our lives. Whomever was a reader of my former blog knows that I try to be as raw and as authentic as possible. Stephanie and I have agreed that if we’re going to do this we’re going to share the good experiences and share the bad experiences. People might ask “why would you want to publicize anymore of your life when there’s already Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat” and the list goes on and on.

Well, I really believe you can touch people in a different way with words. More than just a post and more than just a picture. Which is why I’m in love with words. People don’t understand the power of words sometimes. Words are music, words are thoughts, words are feelings, words are everything in a sense. It’s a way where we can express ourselves clearly and at the same time effect one another.

I know this because, I am inspired by words everyday. I hope to inspire YOU through my words and Stephanie’s pictures as this blog progresses. So yeah, we’ll share the fun stuff and we’ll share the not so fun stuff, because at the end of the day this is a place not to judge but rather to feel like you’re either…

A) Not the only one going through that.


B) You get inspired by what we share.

I’m not sure where we’ll start with our next post, but I did want to explain the why behind this. Our first picture to share is our header on the page. Stephanie took it on our yearly family (my immediate family) cruise in 2015.


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