Open Letter.

Happy Birthday my love. It’s funny how each birthday we try to make it more special than a previous one with some type of “first” or “last time” event that comes with it. This one doesn’t need to be the first anything although it can be many. The only importance for me about this birthday is that it will be your LAST birthday with your own last name!

Almost 3 years ago to this exact day we first began hanging out. I can’t thank you enough for not only being my partner but being my best friend. It’s such a cliche term and I remember the first time I told you that you were my best friend, the water works came right after. I know I took a while in saying it, but I wasn’t ready until then to be an open book with you about everything that I am.

I’m so lucky to wake up and sleep next to my best friend every single day. There’s such an importance in that for the both of us. The real need for each others touch, each other’s voice, it’s not something fabricated it’s something tangible and real that we both need to have in order for our days to feel complete. You’re so amazing for needing that. I love you for it. You’re such awe-inspiring woman on your own that I have to thank God everyday that you seek, respect, and desire me just as I do with you.

I love your appreciation for words. Which is why I write these words. These words are not simply put here to express but rather to remind you of my feelings towards you. These words will live on forever, and if you ever have to think about why I love you, here it is.

Best friend on this birthday, I really want you to understand what my love embodies for you. It’s more than any gift can show, words ever express and physical touch ever feel. My love for you goes beyond the depths of understanding. It’s not normal, and I love that it’s not normal how much I love you.

Aren’t we suppose to be passed the honeymoon stage? Aren’t we suppose to be fighting more? Aren’t we suppose to have more problems? I laugh at the status quo and I’m glad that you’re next to me when we wake up each day to challenge it within our personal lives and our relationship.

People can tell us what’s to come, but the problem is they don’t understand who we are or how we are. They don’t understand the childish games we still play, they don’t understand the meaning of our inside jokes, they don’t understand cereal nights, they don’t understand our mannerisms (yeah I’m going to bring the gallon of OJ and the whole case of crackers and the whole tub of cream cheese!) This is what makes us, us.

I love us.

I love you.

I love you this day the same as I did last year and everyday in between and everyday after.

My love feels like it hits a cap with you at times, almost as if there’s no way I can possibly love you more. Then you say something that blows my mind or you do something that’s so selfless that makes me want to become a greater man. As you teach me everyday unconsciously I take mental notes to improve in my ways. You always find a way to do it again which causes my love for you to grow. It never ends.

You’re such a great person.






I can’t wait to make you the mother of my children and start our own beautiful family. I’m so lucky.

In this game of life we wake up and play everyday is not easy, however you make it feel a whole lot easier. In fact you make me feel like I’ve won already. I WAS that guy who got the woman of his dreams that goes so much beyond physical attraction. I have a person whom wine night/balcony nights can go into in depth conversations about the world, about our future and about things of self interest.

In the end these are just words that express mentally how I see you. Just as you stand over me each morning and pray all I can say is…. Thank you. Happy birthday linda. I hope you have an amazing birthday and thank you for allowing me to share another year with you. I love you.


03.09.16 | #StoryOfUs


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  1. Natalie · March 9, 2016

    I never thought that Steph would find someone who brings crackers and the whole tub of cream cheese to the bed like I used to do when we lived together 🙂
    But nothing makes me happier than to know that my best friend is with the person I truly feel was meant for her. Like you said before, Stephanie is very selfless in her relationships and it takes a special someone to recognize, appreciate and reciprocate the same back. It is so easy as humans to take advantage of those that are selfless and are givers but you Daniel- you only accentuate the good qualities in Stephanie. I have seen her grow more confident while she has been with you. I believe its because there is no shield that has to protect her heart- she knows you are there to take care of it with no judgment and ensure nothing bad ever happens to it. I have endless gratitude to know her heart is forever protected by someone that is just as good & kind as she is.
    Love you both, Chica


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