Do What You Love.

It’s easy to say now that I currently do and have always done what I love. I was blessed that after high school I lived my dream of becoming a professional soccer player, and then from there started Soccer Shots and run own my business doing soccer with children. Every day.

I just did a podcast with a friend of mine Alex (check it out over at and in part of the interview, we discuss how important it is to do what you love. I figured I’d write a post about it because it’s amazing how once again things begin to gravitate and/or connect for me when discussed.

You have one life, AKA the term YOLO was born. In all seriousness, we really do only live once. How much does it suck to sacrifice that life doing something you don’t enjoy for 40-50 years… Maybe it’s because I think long term/end game always, but even if you don’t the short term has to look shitty too. It’s why you hate Monday’s, it’s why you hate waking up to go work some days, it’s why you’re not truly happy.

Now let me be clear, this isn’t a post to tell you to quit your job. This isn’t a post to tell you to chase an insane dream, this IS a post though that I hope what you take away from it is, a little bit more self-awareness.

My friends and I recently started a Growth Group, we did what I thought was an amazing exercise. We wrote down the 5 happiest days/moments in our lives. When you write them down and read them, something begins to happen. You begin to see what HAPPINESS looks like to YOU. Now you have to be completely 100% truthful and honest with yourself.

So else what do you get from this?

You begin to see common themes in your life that = happiness, but you also have to be able to see below the surface. Look at the core of why you were happy in those times. One of mine was being in the Phillippines in a remote setting with my wife on our honeymoon where we did NOTHING the whole day except eat, drink, lay by the pool, laugh, and sleep. It was amazing.

The surface begins to look like I love to vacation, but that’s unrealistic to think I can vacation all the time how can I make it more tangible in my life? I decided I would agree to have a No Agenda Day (NAD). Now I dedicate one day a month to doing NOTHING. The only thing that has to be included is my wife because that’s what I need for my ultimate happiness.

Again, I’m showing you guys my example of how it works for me, my happiness, my passion, my work. For you, it could be completely different! And that’s fine! You don’t have to quit your job and own your business to be happy, maybe you don’t like that weight on your shoulders or pressure. Maybe you prefer being a great fucking employee at a solid company making 70K a year and fishing on the weekends with your family. If that’s what happiness means for you, then DO THAT!

I spoke to my cousin, and this is what I mean about how things begin to gravitate towards you once you put it out there intentionally or not. But I spoke to my cousin today, and he mentioned how he was sick of his corporate job, he wanted to quit. He makes a good living 6 figures+ and has a family, good work/life balance but no motivation for what he’s doing anymore. Some call it a mid-life crisis, I call it realizing that money doesn’t equal happiness. And in fact, he would probably be a lot happier making less money but doing something that’s meaningful, purposeful or simply something he enjoys doing every day as opposed to waking up and dreading another day at the office. We spoke for over an hour today about what his next step will be and I’m SUPER excited for him and know that he will figure it out soon enough. Most importantly, his life and those closest to him will get to be a part of that change, for the better.

I want to be clear in my messaging and make sure I’m not motivating people to do the wrong there here. If you’re one of those people who is tied down by maybe things such as a car payment, a mortgage, a family, etc. Then start working on your passion or what you REALLY want to do on the side. On the weekends, or waking up a few hours earlier to begin building something until it’s finally sustainable, and you can quit and do what makes you happy.

Last thing, it doesn’t have to be career changing either. My friend Ricky has been shooting some really fucking cool videos about cars and how he takes them apart, hooks them up and doing fun shit with them. We spoke the other day about what’s your plan with all of this that you’re doing? And he said “Nothing really man, I just enjoy doing it and it’s fun. If it turns into something great, if not I’m having a ton of fun along the way with people who I’d be hanging out with anyway”.

That’s awesome.

Just find what makes you happy, as cliche and annoying as it is… YOLO, so your two actionable takeaways from this post are below.

  1. Write down the 5 happiest moments/days in your life.
  2. Take the FIRST step forward to finding out what it is you love to do or not to do, because by the process of elimination you will eventually find it.

Keep hustlin,


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