What has #hustle17 done for me? Wanna join?

Last time I checked in it was 24 days into doing the whole #hustle17 on Snapchat, it’s now been 78 days exactly.

I wanted to share what’s changed, what I’ve learned, and what I hope to get from this now.

What’s changed?

Well, #hustle17 has left Snapchat (I recommend shorting their stock too) and has moved over to Instagram. At least for me.


Part of the reason I started posting consistently my daily activities was to motivate others. My Snapchat would get anywhere from 100 – 150 views. Instagram? 300+ daily. Those numbers are not meant to brag by the way, but I’m sharing so that people see it and are hopefully motivated to move over as well.

More views = more people being motivated by it.

It’s worked too. My DM’s are poppinnnnnnn!!!

In a good way… more people have continued to gravitate towards the #hustle17 hashtag and or just reach out to me. So if you wanna follow the hustle and have Instagram hit that follow button @villegas1919. Another great thing about Instagram, is that it allows for people to see your stories organically. So your friends might come across my story because you viewed it when they’re under the search tab, it will show up for them. Honestly, it’s working better so check out the daily hustle there not Snapchat.

Now, from day 24 of #hustle17 to day 78 what has happened?

Have I just been posting and sharing for myself?

In part, yes. The whole accountability for me has been a big driver. In part, it’s also developed and created relationships or opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have come about.

So because of my daily posting, I had people reach out to me with something along the lines of…

“I see you bro, keep it up!”

“Damn man, how do you get up so early?”

“Bro, hustle all day. I love it.”

Or them sharing their hustling moments with me. It’s really fucking dope, but long story short those DM’s led to other conversations like grabbing coffee with people whom I otherwise wouldn’t have spoken to or started conversations that have led to business opportunities.

What I personally have seen is happening is that people are making me synonymous with their business related ideas. Because they see my hustle, my side hustle, my other side hustle, my coaching of people, they see everything!

It’s really cool. I don’t think of myself as this superb business person. Shit, contrary I have a lot to learn but my point has always been,

“Hey, I might be that business person who gets you from A to B, I don’t know how to get you to C but I can get you to B.”

I’ve become comfortable with that, so through this #hustle17. The following has happened. The motivation is there for others. The accountability is there for myself. The growth is happening.

What I’ve honestly learned is that whatever you feel like doing or wish you could connect with some about, you SHOULD share it!

If you were passionate about starting a dog business, and you posted on IG and shouted it out I GUARANTEE one of your followers would comment back or text you saying “Yes, me too! Let’s get together and discuss.”

But because we’re worried that nobody feels the same, or we don’t want to mess up our page with a “post like that” we stay quiet and don’t do anything about what really drives us on the inside. You only have one life, you should do what you freaking enjoy and love to do daily. I get it, we got bills, we got families, we got responsibilities but there’s always a way.

But it will involve hustlin.

In the first 78 days (sounds like.. in the first 48 hours, lol ok sorry sidetracked) of #hustle17, what has come about.

  • I have three business opportunities that are in the works.
  • I am coaching for free two friends once a week to help them in their lives, business/personal. One more spot open.
  • I have motivated for sure 10+ people, hopefully more though. But I can’t measure that, I only know from those who have told me.
  • I have made myself accountable and had growth in my business (maybe unrelated).
  • I have started with two of my friends a “paying it forward” with the #hustle17 hoodie.

The last thing I’ve done is what I want to ask for your help, support or just sharing if you can. I’ve created the #hustle17 hoodie. My wife and I both wear it when we’re working from home. They’re comfortable, the material is really good and I think it’s just a cool message really.

  • Cost? || $30
  • When can I buy? || Now! DM on IG @villegas1919
  • Why should I buy?

Well, I’m glad you asked that final question. This isn’t about building a business for us.

It’s about taking something I love to do; hustle. And being able to hopefully give back through it. If you’re a hustler, buy it. Rock it. Share the story.

The story is we will be donating 100% of the profits to an underprivileged business idea. We hope to do a campaign where we could hopefully donate a decent amount of money towards it and we already have a matching partner in place. So if we raised 5K we would have 10K to donate.

The way we would select the eventual “winner” would be after we preselect say 5 people we would let Instagram & Marketer Camp pick the winner via voting.

I hope you’ll choose to join the hustle and support the bigger cause which is behind it.

To buy your own #hustle17 hoodie DM me on IG with your size.


How I hacked Snapchat to hold me accountable.

This is an interesting realization for me 24 days into 2017 I think I can say that I’m fully on board to #hustle17 for the year. For the few people that do follow me on Snapchat,  you’re definitely familiar with this hashtag already and for those that aren’t go follow me @villegas1919.

So how did I make Snapchat hold me accountable? Well, it started when I first became aware of myself and my behavior. I’m an extremely self-aware person when it comes to dealings of myself. I know when my body is getting sick, I know when my body is too tired to perform, and  I know when my body is responding differently. It comes with being present often and conscious of my thoughts, reactions etc.

Anyways, when it comes to work, I believe those closest to me would agree that I am someone who takes pride in working, and probably overworking because of my lack of ability to delegate. It is what it is. Through my many hours of work I have been able to realize when I can become a peak performance worker.

For me there are two moments where it happens. The first, is extremely early in the morning or in the late evening. Of course, that would make sense since there isn’t much of any distraction going on at those hours. However, the second one is the more interesting of the two. I’ve come to realize when people are watching me work or observe me in my working environment I see an increase in my productivity, speed and focus. Which for some time seemed somewhat strange to me. Then, it clicked for me when I began Snapchatting.

I would Snapchat myself working and put the time stamps. I did it first, to share my “hustle” but also to show people that I was up and working. You know, feel good about yourself. I don’t think I meant it in a showing off way but just like “yeah, I’m up and working. What are you doing?”.

As people began to respond with an array of motivating responses cheering me on and/or sharing their hustles on their story’s or sending me direct snaps I began to get more excited about it. Then one night it hit me, I set an alarm for 5:45AM to make sure I was up and snapping and then truly working (not like I was snapping and going back to sleep, I’m too honest do that). I woke up that morning, super tired and not wanting to get up but the thought of my friends thinking that I wasn’t up “hustling” drove me to wake up and get stuff done.

Fortunately or unfortunately we care about people think about us, YES you reading this too. Whether you care to admit it or not, you more than likely do. Otherwise you wouldn’t snapchat your lunch, your coffee, your night out drinking or your latest workout. You care to show others what’s going on in your life because you care about their thoughts. That doesn’t make it a bad or good thing either, it just is what it is.

Anyways, when I realized this was happening I became aware and said you know what, I’m going to continue snapping and making sure everyone knows I’m hustling all day everyday, cause I’ll be damned if you outwork me! So it’s become pretty cool 24 days into #hustle17 that I’ve spoken to friends, received messages and even seen on their own snapchats the #hustle17 hashtag. This of course, has motivated me to continue pushing for more. So much so, I feel accountable now that people have made it known that they see it, they appreciate it, and they respect it. I want to do it for them but also for myself, shit, any hack that makes me more productive I’m ALL for it!

So in a sense I have this sense of responsibility and I know people see it and feel bad sometimes because they might not be doing as much but that’s good too! If you don’t feel productive enough, it’s because you’re probably not. And that’s not a bad thing, it’s only a bad thing when you recognize it and don’t do anything about it. I also see a lot of people pushing themselves probably harder than me most days, my boy DJ is hustlingggggg, and my dude Steven Walsh is unstoppable! That guys fitness is killer man.

So that is how I hacked Snapchat to hold me accountable, some people might say well you have Facebook and Instagram already, why did it take Snapchat. And to answer that it’s just somewhere you can share daily without being overwhelming, lol. So it’s been awesome for me. Make it awesome for you too or find something that works. Accountability is something I’m really working hard on in 2017 as I know it’s a (DJ Khaled voice) major key for me!

Follow me on Snapchat and check out #hustle17.